Art Block, Fine Artist

Sunflower Power (Dreams #2)

Photography, composites, digital illustration, and short stories created exclusively for blockchain and NFT


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Artist Statement

The motivation for works I create comes from a willingness to embrace my imagination and allow it to direct me, I approach art making with a sense of humor and open-mindedness, as I hope you will also do as you view the results of my efforts. All of the content in my artworks, both visual and written, are unique and were created exclusively for use in the artworks they are a part of. I never use stock imagery of any kind, and I also never use the same source materials more than once in an artwork. I have been creating digital art, as well as physically-backed works, minted exclusively on Algo since July 2021.

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Bio: My name is Todd Dobbs, I am a fine artist based in Denver, Art Block is my project name and alias for all things NFT. This project was founded on July 15, 2021.