Dreams #3 Drop!

The Scream (Dreams #3) | Asset ID: 302888906

Dream #3 Story: I was fleeing something terrible on an alien world when I came to a large cliff stretching for as far as I could see in both directions. As I gazed up at the cliff top searching for a way to scale the wall a group of nine aliens clad in gold appeared at the edge and gazed at me silently, I opened my mouth to scream in terror but no sound escaped, and at that moment I woke with a start.

The Scream (Dreams #3) | 1/1 signed NFT

This NFT will be made available on my AB2 Gallery page today, August 18 at 8 PM UTC UPDATE (10:15 PM UTC): AB2 Gallery listing is currently experiencing issues (all afternoon), ETA unknown at this time – if problems persist I will auction the NFT instead using Reddit.

Published by Art Block

I am an NFT artist making work exclusively on the Algo blockchain network. All of my artwork uses photography at its base, some also has compositing, digital illustration, and time-based manipulation. All content was created by me for the work it is used in.

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