Dreams #4 Drop!

Night Flight (Dreams #4) | Asset ID: 306633049

New 1/1 signed NFT Minted today, available on AB2 Gallery tomorrow (8/20) at 10 pm UTC!

Dream #4 Story:

I have been having a lot of bee dreams this summer, and in this one I was flying at night. It was a moonless night and at first, I was flying blindly. Just as I began to panic and become disoriented from my night flight, a field of thistle radiating light beckoned me to investigate. Just as I was about to land on one, I woke up in my pitch-black bedroom, as disoriented as I was at the start of my dream.

Published by Art Block

I am an NFT artist making work exclusively on the Algo blockchain network. All of my artwork uses photography at its base, some also has compositing, digital illustration, and time-based manipulation. All content was created by me for the work it is used in.

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