New Work + More Updates

Gumdrop Palace (Dreams #7)

The smell of sugar was overwhelming and the colors were so bright they burned my eyes to look at them for too long, yet still I approached the Gumdrop Palace with an appetite for exploration. As I came closer to the sweet structure it became less opaque, the closer I got the more transparent it became, as I finally approached the Palace walls and reached out to touch them, they vanished. Was this just an appetite-fueled mirage? 1/1 NFT, signed and dated.

More Updates – Physically Backed NFT

Print of Dreams #1
Print of Dreams #2

As I continue working on the merging of all of my art personalities and modalities, I have begun experimenting with what a Physically Backed NFT from Art Block may look like, the above illustrate my first efforts towards this goal. They are printed on MOAB Lasal Exhibition paper using pigment inks (all materials are archival). I will begin offering physically backed works of an upcoming project using hand-made processes with the print being limited to an edition of one, and sent to the purchaser of the associated NFT. Stay tuned for more updates, target launch is Q1 2022!

Published by Art Block

I am an NFT artist making work exclusively on the Algo blockchain network. All of my artwork uses photography at its base, some also has compositing, digital illustration, and time-based manipulation. All content was created by me for the work it is used in.

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