Cyanotype Portfolio Update

Discarded #01

Progress is being made! The above finished print is part of my first portfolio of physically backed works using the cyanotype printing process. The photographs are taken using a digital camera, I then create a digital negative using an inkjet printer, and finally I contact print that negative using ultraviolet light on a piece of watercolor paper that was hand-coated with the cyanotype emulsion. The exposed print is washed in water until all the chemistry is removed and once the print has dried it is archival and chemically stable. Each print is unique due to the nature of hand-coating where the border is defined by my brush strokes rather than the crisp mechanical edge the camera creates. Drop details will be announced on this blog first, stay tuned!

Published by Art Block

I am an NFT artist making work exclusively on the Algo blockchain network. All of my artwork uses photography at its base, some also has compositing, digital illustration, and time-based manipulation. All content was created by me for the work it is used in.

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