Cyanotype Portfolio Update

Discarded #01

Progress is being made! The above finished print is part of my first portfolio of physically backed works using the cyanotype printing process. The photographs are taken using a digital camera, I then create a digital negative using an inkjet printer, and finally I contact print that negative using ultraviolet light on a piece of watercolor paper that was hand-coated with the cyanotype emulsion. The exposed print is washed in water until all the chemistry is removed and once the print has dried it is archival and chemically stable. Each print is unique due to the nature of hand-coating where the border is defined by my brush strokes rather than the crisp mechanical edge the camera creates. Drop details will be announced on this blog first, stay tuned!

Upcoming Drop on Rand Gallery

My creator address was verified by Rand Gallery this week! I will be dropping two photographs from the ‘Blockscapes’ series on Sunday, January 30, and then 2 new images from that series each Sunday following for the foreseeable future. The first ten images in this portfolio are already minted and can be viewed here, they will be dropped in numerical order. These photographs represent a more ‘pure’ form of photography that I engage in when exploring the wilderness on solo excursions with only my camera. Owners of NFTs in this series have full usage rights without limitations.

New Drops – Trying out Zestbloom Marketplace

Sprockets #1

Project Description: ‘Sprockets’ is a series of toy camera photography using multiple exposures, and captured on black and white negative film that is hand developed by the creator. The resulting negatives are scanned and enhanced digitally and minted as unique signed and dated NFTs. All mints are 1/1, signed and dated.

Sprockets #2

I have been trying, without luck, to get verified on Rand Gallery. In the meantime I thought I would try out some of the other marketplaces to see how they work. The first of these is Zestbloom where I minted and listed these 3 photographs that are part of ‘Sprockets’. This group of images was taken using a 120-format plastic camera using 35mm B+W film and applying multiple exposure techniques. Everything you see was done in-camera. The work can be found here.

Sprockets #3

New Drop – Lemon’s 3rd Victim

Lemon Rings in the New Year

Lemon had spent their entire life in the Grocery Store which happened to be in North America, but Lemon wanted to travel so they decided to take a trip to the United Kingdom to celebrate the New Year holiday. While on their travels, Lemon ran into another Grocery Store shopper with an ostentatious PAV drop, as usual Lemon just couldn’t let that go and decided the best course of action was to burn their house down – making Lemon an international arsonist. Surely Lemon will be stopped now, or will they?!

This special 1/1 NFT was custom made for the winner of a giveaway on the Grocery Store Game as a New Year’s Promotion. Link to asset on NFT Explorer

Latest Collab – New Mint

Melon’s Homecoming | Asset ID: 463316413

Melon was a sweet individual who is very close to their family. Although dedicated to the mission of the Grocery Store, Melon longed to return home, and with the holidays approaching that desire steadily increased. One day Melon’s colleague, Lemon, committed arson on their way home from work which caused the Grocery Store to temporarily send its employees on paid leave while the act was investigated. Melon used this unexpected opportunity to return home to see their family and celebrate the season with them!

This 1/1 NFT will be auctioned on the Grocery Store Game server (Discord) on December 15, all proceeds will go to charity.,EQV

Painted Boulders – New Drop

Painted Boulders | Asset ID: 444992634

This is a one-off artwork, freshly minted, and dropping on my AB2 Gallery page soon!

A pile of construction waste or an art project waiting to happen? In an effort to transform some of the less appealing aspects of my immediate landscape I present to you a photograph of concrete waste with digital illustration applied. Be careful what you leave laying around in large piles when I’m nearby!

Art Block on AB2 Gallery

Princess Update + Auction

My interpretation of the provided image for the Pristine Princess series was accepted! The NFT and corresponding physical handmade print will be auctioned off in the near future with the majority of the proceeds going to charity. I have decided to name my Princess Kyanos, from the Greek origin for the word Cyan. The physical print of this artwork is on an 11×15-inch sheet of 140lb Arches Rieves BFK, with an image size of 6.75″ square, the process is Cyanotype with Watercolor Pencil. The print will be hand signed before sending it to the new owner, and a Certificate of Authenticity will also be sent with the print that connects it to the NFT.

Princess Kyanos on Rand Gallery

The following links can connect you to this project and the social media platforms where important announcements will be made:

‘Princess’ Collaboration

Final hand colored cyanotype print
Digital negative used to make print
Cyanotype print before coloring

I was pleased to be able to work on this collaboration for the soon to be launched Princess project led by ExtraFox. I decided. to ‘rescue’ the previously digital-only Princess from the computer, first by printing a digital negative on an inkjet printer, then making a cyanotype print (chemistry reacting with light), and finally hand coloring the print using watercolor pencil. All the materials used are archival, meaning they are free of chemicals and acids and should have the maximum longevity (100+ years in all cases. Materials: Pictorico OHP and Pigment Ink, Cyanotype Emulsion, Arches Rives BFK, 140 lb paper.

New Work + More Updates

Gumdrop Palace (Dreams #7)

The smell of sugar was overwhelming and the colors were so bright they burned my eyes to look at them for too long, yet still I approached the Gumdrop Palace with an appetite for exploration. As I came closer to the sweet structure it became less opaque, the closer I got the more transparent it became, as I finally approached the Palace walls and reached out to touch them, they vanished. Was this just an appetite-fueled mirage? 1/1 NFT, signed and dated.

More Updates – Physically Backed NFT

Print of Dreams #1
Print of Dreams #2

As I continue working on the merging of all of my art personalities and modalities, I have begun experimenting with what a Physically Backed NFT from Art Block may look like, the above illustrate my first efforts towards this goal. They are printed on MOAB Lasal Exhibition paper using pigment inks (all materials are archival). I will begin offering physically backed works of an upcoming project using hand-made processes with the print being limited to an edition of one, and sent to the purchaser of the associated NFT. Stay tuned for more updates, target launch is Q1 2022!

New NFT Drops + Updates

Fleeing through the forest, and very lost, I suddenly released I was being watched by hundreds of eyes. I peered up to witness the vultures circling me in increasing numbers, certain of my fate. My heartbeat pounded in my chest as I ran faster, attempting to find safety somewhere, the forest began to blur by in unrecognizable streaks of colors. I peered over my shoulder to see if I had escaped the birds of prey, and I turned to look forward just as I was about to hit a tree at full speed. As always, I awoke to the safety of my bed before experiencing my doom, but the anxiety of the experience remained. 1/1 signed and dated.

This one off needed very little assistance from me as the natural lighting of the scene I stumbled upon that early fall morning was calling to be documented. I present to you exactly what I saw that day; the beautiful lighting revealing the dew covered landscape of what otherwise was a typical hillside in the mountains. 1/1 signed and dated.

These images are the equivalent of what I experienced while being inspired by my subject, a simple sky with clouds. Influenced by the work of the great 20th Century master, Alfred Stieglitz, I am continuing in the tradition of photographs that are meant to be read and felt rather than describing facts or ‘truth’. As this series matures, edition numbers will be reduced, currently only 5 NFT are minted for each Equivalent. All NFT owners have full usage rights without limitations.

Upcoming Events

In the not so distant future I will be merging my analog art life with my NFT one as I begin to offer physically backed works using handmade photographic processes. Stay tuned as I work towards the big day, there will be a giveaway to commemorate the event, details will be disclosed here first!