Collaborations + Commissions

One amazing aspect of creating artwork in this space is the community, and occasionally I am lucky enough to be able to work directly with another artist or individual creating unique artworks that are collaborative in nature. This page chronicles these projects.

The Grocery Store Game – Discord NFT Game

Discord Server:

Game Description: The Grocery Store Game is a text-based Discord game where you can earn ASA and NFTs as you play. The basic unit of currency is a Coup🎫 (ID: 281003266) which you can exchange for Grocery ASAs that earn you more Coup🎫 or use to bid on or trade for ASAs or NFTs from other players!

There are two components to my involvement with GSG:

  • Character Lore – creating unique artworks and short stories telling the tale of individual characters.
  • Fan Art + Contests – “Lemon Burns Down Your House” is an ongoing contest where the winner sends me a photo of their house, and I have the Lemon character burn it down in an artwork I make for them.

Details about each artwork and the accompanying story can be found here.

The Pristine Princess Project

NFT Explorer Collection:

Project Description: Pristine Princesses is a 1-100 PFP project. 10 tracked traits. Community-driven direction via votes in P.P. discord for verified owners, potentially growing to 1k PFPs. Gift contributions made via Charityvest a crypto charity grant fund service, utilizing algos, to grant to Washington Women in Need

There are two components to my involvement with this the Pristine Princess Project:

  • Launch Contest – prior to this project launching they solicited artists to interpret one of their existing artworks as part of a contest. I used that as an opportunity to test run my concept for “Walkabouts in Blue”, my first physically-backed portfolio.
  • Commissions – I also do commissioned works for owners of this project where I make a cyanotype print of one of their artworks and hand color it with watercolor pencil and then send it to them.


NFT Explorer Collection:

Project Description: We are little NFT creatures born in the internet space. Each one of us is different and has its own personality. Our favorite food is the FOMO. We need to be adopted on earth. 

This effort was part of a contest the Skullkrakens project ran. I decided to place their iconic character into my world of “Nature’s Magic”.