Gallery: Bee Venom

Series Description

I was mowing my yard when some honey bees went on attack! Many brave soldiers were sent to their deaths in a relentless attack on my ankles in a brave defense of their hive, much venom was injected into my bloodstream…that night I had vivid dreams, no doubt induced by the bee’s venom. This series was inspired by those dreams. Only 3 NFT were minted, the work is signed by the artist (#1+3).

Black Hole Sun (Bee Venom #1)

The bee’s swarmed my ankles and injected their venom, suddenly I felt smaller, much smaller. As I attempted to orient myself the strong pull of a black hole sun began to pull me with rapid acceleration into its center, my terror was real as the darkness enveloped me.

Link to the MP4 Video for “Beyond the Sun (Bee Venom #2)” on Rand Gallery

The Black Hole Sun sucked me in and sent me to the other side, I suddenly became ravenous with a desire for nectar, I flew in a panic over fields of rich succulent pollen, and just as I realized I was seeing the bee’s perspective I was again whisked away.

Be(e) in Paradise (Bee Venom #3)

The black hole sun transported me to the final stage of the journey, a bee paradise! A feeling of bliss and euphoria overcame me as my eyes focused on the new reality (our new reality, the bee and me), but just as quickly as the feeling came over me I was awakened from my slumber, with bee stings throbbing and demanding attention, a not so subtle reminder of the atrocities I committed against their gentle hive and the soldiers sent to their doom to protect it.

Screenshot of “Bee Venom #1-3 (Gallery View)”

The entire series was also minted into a special release 1/1 NFT to showcase how the series is intended to be displayed in a digital gallery. Link to the video found here

Bee Venom (Redux)

Some projects are hard to keep the book closed on. In this redux I revisit the Bee Venom story again as I explore the Bee Paradise from my dreams conclusion. In this image I am in the Bee and we are flying over fields of sunflowers, each one is like an alien planet beckoning us to land onto its blossom covered surface. 1/1 signed NFT.

Bee Venom (Redux)