Gallery: Dreams

Series Description:

This artwork is part of an ongoing series inspired by my dream journal, they are intended to be individual short-stories. Just like dreams, these artworks are abstract and unique, only 1 NFT will be minted for works in this series, the work is hand signed.

Time Warp (Dreams #10)

The telephone booth was like the ones you frequently see in theme parks or outside English restaurants, however, unlike the others this one possessed the power of time travel – although as I quickly discovered it only traveled forwards in time, never back. As I continued traveling farther and farther into the future time began to overlap and appear simultaneously in the present, future, and in the past. Perhaps I was simply going insane, the only thing I knew for certain was that I was an alien in their world now.

The Invisible Gardener (Dreams #9)

I was gardening, but unlike most days my presence was not felt by the plants or noticed by anyone passing by, indeed this was due to the fact that I was somehow invisible. I seized on the opportunity to not only tend to my own garden, but to also improve my neighbor’s beds as well – all while undetected by any living creature. I spread my Iris bulbs far and wide until I awoke from my slumber, with my gardening chores still unfinished.

This image was included in the Dartroom Artists Showcase, June 2022

Cold Day, Warm Night (Dreams #8)

It was the dead of winter as I fell asleep, but immediately I was transported to the warmth of spring and the refreshing colors of an overgrown garden taking over my home. As I slept through the cold winter night, my dreams enveloped me with warmth and color.

Gumdrop Palace (Dreams #7)

The smell of sugar was overwhelming and the colors were so bright they burned my eyes to look at them for too long, yet still I approached the Gumdrop Palace with an appetite for exploration. As I came closer to the sweet structure it became less opaque, the closer I got the more transparent it became, as I finally approached the Palace walls and reached out to touch them, they vanished. Was this just an appetite-fueled mirage?

The Vultures Circle (Dreams #6)

Fleeing through the forest, and very lost, I suddenly released I was being watched by hundreds of eyes. I peered up to witness the vultures circling me in increasing numbers, certain of my fate. My heartbeat pounded in my chest as I ran faster, attempting to find safety somewhere, the forest began to blur by in unrecognizable streaks of colors. I peered over my shoulder to see if I had escaped the birds of prey, and I turned to look forward just as I was about to hit a tree at full speed.

Thistle Conspiracy (Dreams #5)

I was a cowboy and my ranch was taken over by Thistle, it was growing everywhere inside and out. One night while I was falling asleep I heard a suspicious sound in the barn, I crept up quietly to investigate and to my surprise and horror discovered the Thistle were speaking to each other…conspiring against me! I snuck back into my bed and acted as if I was asleep again, planning my attack through the night. The next morning, I got out my thresher and took care of the Thistle before they could execute their plan against me.

Night Flight (Dreams #4)

I have been having a lot of bee dreams this summer, and in this one I was flying at night. It was a moonless night and at first, I was flying blindly. Just as I began to panic and become disoriented from my night flight, a field of thistle radiating light beckoned me to investigate. Just as I was about to land on one, I woke up in my pitch-black bedroom, as disoriented as I was at the start of my dream.

The Scream (Dreams #3)

I was fleeing something terrible on an alien world when I came to a large cliff stretching for as far as I could see in both directions. As I gazed up at the cliff top searching for a way to scale the wall a group of nine aliens clad in gold appeared at the edge and gazed at me silently, I opened my mouth to scream in terror but no sound escaped, and at that moment I woke with a start.

Sunflower Power (Dreams #2)

Although the bee venom has long since left my system, the influence of their ideas remains with me. In my latest dream I was again in the body of a honey bee in a paradise of sunflowers, as I drank more succulent nectar I felt the power fill me. The more I drank, the better I felt, but I overindulged and exploded! Only to awake in my bed, safe and un-exploded.

Exploring Neptune (Dreams #1)

In my dream, twin sisters I once lived by were suddenly transported with me to Neptune, and somehow we acclimated to the new environment and were able to explore what no humans had seen before. At first, we stuck closely together, but while I was distracted by a beautiful alien artifact they suddenly darted into a dark cave, as I followed I slipped and fell into the darkness, just as I felt the solid bottom of that fall rapidly approaching I was mercifully awakened from my slumber.