Gallery: Explorers

Series Description:

The Explorers series is a short science-fiction narrative expressed in a series of photographic composites. All of the image content and writing is unique and created exclusively for use in these artworks. All works in this series are 1/1 NFT mints that are signed. This series is on hiatus as more work is accumulated, the next drop will be several chapters at once.

First Discovery (Explorers #1)

Part 1: In a distant future an alien species discovers Earth and begins exploring it by projecting their energy from the safety of their space craft. They discover the remnants of an intelligent civilization long since extinct, hidden beneath the overgrowth of nature reclaiming what they built. To their surprise the first discovery was a structure suitable to their own scale and form, surely this was just a coincidence, but it surprised the explorers all the same.

Ancient Portal (Explorers #2)

Story – Part 2:

The explorers approached their first discovery, as they did a soft pulsating thrum of a machine could be heard in the distance. At the back of the structure the explorers discovered a giant tunnel with a strange portal at the end – this was the origin of the mechanical thrum that had attracted them. Strange carvings had been made into the entry of the tunnel, seemingly from an intelligent lifeform. A single explorer cautiously approached the portal in the distance.