GSG Character Lore

Main Characters


“When Life Gives You Lemons” – This composite was created for a collaboration with the Grocery Store Game – Lemon had to pass a mansion on the way to work every day at the Grocery Store, a job that paid a modest 1 Coupon per paycheck. Lemon knew he would never be able to afford such a dwelling with his modest salary, but his route to and from work was a daily reminder that the luxurious mansion will always be out of reach. Eventually, his sour feelings finally got the best of him, and he did what any lemon would do – he burned the house down!


“Melon’s Homecoming” – Created for the Grocery Store Game 2021 Holiday Event – Melon was a sweet individual who is very close to their family. Although dedicated to the mission of the Grocery Store, Melon longed to return home, and with the holidays approaching that desire steadily increased. One day Melon’s colleague, Lemon, committed arson on their way home from work which caused the Grocery Store to temporarily send its employees on paid leave while the act was investigated. Melon used this unexpected opportunity to return home to see their family and celebrate the season with them!

Sweet Hass

“Hass Basking in the Sun” – Hass was a healthy fellow, opting for a daily routine that included exercise and a good diet. Hass was also keen at keeping his finances in order, and although he no longer wore the mantle of having the highest PAV drop, his value was certainly nothing to look down at. Hass spent his days repeating his healthy routine and watching his coupons increase steadily, happy to finally be out of the spotlight. Here we see him resting comfortably on his private beach at the end of another profitable day with the self-assurance that the Grocery Store would never dare “juice” him like his lesser counterparts, Lemon and Melon…or would they?

Valiant Grapes

“The Valiant Grapes Brigade” -The Valiant Grapes were unknown to most at first, this was due to their unrelenting dedication to service, however, even the most dedicated soldiers come home occasionally and so our story begins. The Valiant Grapes proudly led their squadron of troops back to town, choosing to march instead of using a transport, and arrived to an awaiting hero’s welcome. Never had anyone at the Grocery Store seen such a celebration, it was a rare event that would be remembered for years to come, and thus the PAV Drop Value was determined for placing them into service.

Side Stories

Lemon Juicer

“Lemon’s Nightmare” – This character was created for a collaboration with the Grocery Store Game. The motivation was the term ‘lemon juicer’, the result is my interpretation.

Custom Giveaway

“Lemon Burns Down Your House” – this ongoing series is a result of a giveaway where the winner sends me a photograph of their home and then I create a custom artwork and side story that centers on Lemon burning it down.

“Lemon Wuz Here” – After the satisfaction Lemon felt with his first act of arson, he couldn’t resist continuing his rampage. Lemon had heard through the grapevine the PAV drop this particular victim enjoyed and decided they too deserved Lemon’s wrath! Who will stop Lemon’s rampage? Is your home next?! This composite was created for the winner of a contest on the Grocery Store Game, October 2021.

“Lemon Rings in the New Year” – Lemon had spent their entire life in the Grocery Store which happened to be in North America, but Lemon wanted to travel so they decided to take a trip to the United Kingdom to celebrate the New Year holiday. While on their travels, Lemon ran into another Grocery Store shopper with an ostentatious PAV drop, as usual Lemon just could not let that go and decided the best course of action was to burn their house down – making Lemon an international arsonist. Surely Lemon will be stopped now, or will they?! Created for a contest winner on the Grocery Store Game, December 2021.

“Lemon’s Spring Fling” – Lemon hadn’t committed any acts of arson for some time, and the Grocery Store Game shoppers gradually relaxed their guard. Unfortunately, Lemon was waiting for just such an opportunity, and as soon as a particular shoppers guard was fully down Lemon pounced, lighter in hand. A great day for Lemon, but a sad day for yet another of Lemon’s victims. Created for the winner of a contest giveaway on the Grocery Store Game, Easter 2022.