Physically-Backed NFT Drop

I was very pleased with the response to the fractional-physically-backed NFT I dropped In response to the reception of Equivalent in Blue 01 I am now releasing the second original NFT from my first drop as a special cyanotype print. This physically-backed work is sold as a fractional NFT, if one collector holds all 9Continue reading “Physically-Backed NFT Drop”

Walkabouts in Blue – Drop Details

The drop of my first physically-backed portfolio will go live at 5 PM UTC today on Rand Gallery! All 10 minted NFTs will become available at that time and will be listed at an initial offering price of 184.2 Algo (to commemorate the year the Cyanotype process was invented). The original purchase price will beContinue reading “Walkabouts in Blue – Drop Details”

Special Release + Giveaway

As a special promotion for my upcoming portfolio drop, “Walkabouts in Blue”, I am giving away 3 copies of the above artwork on Twitter (post link here). Entries for the giveaway are open now, and end 2/12/22 at 4 PM UTC. The remaining 6 copies of this physically-backed edition will be sold on AB2 atContinue reading “Special Release + Giveaway”

Walkabouts in Blue – Portfolio Update

The drop is coming this weekend, Saturday 2/12/22! The marketplace is still being determined, but will be shared here first. Here are some additional details about the project, process, and how the physically backed NFT will function: Project Statement: I walkabout with my camera in tow, typically off the beaten path, and frequently during theContinue reading “Walkabouts in Blue – Portfolio Update”

Cyanotype Portfolio Update

Progress is being made! The above finished print is part of my first portfolio of physically backed works using the cyanotype printing process. The photographs are taken using a digital camera, I then create a digital negative using an inkjet printer, and finally I contact print that negative using ultraviolet light on a piece ofContinue reading “Cyanotype Portfolio Update”