New Mint – Dreams #9

Dropping this weekend on Dartroom, The Invisible Gardener (Dreams #9). I was gardening, but unlike most days my presence was not felt by the plants or noticed by anyone passing by, indeed this was due to the fact that I was somehow invisible. I seized on the opportunity to not only tend to my ownContinue reading “New Mint – Dreams #9”

Lemon’s Spring Fling

Lemon hadn’t committed any acts of arson for some time, and the Grocery Store Game shoppers gradually relaxed their guard. Unfortunately, Lemon was waiting for just such an opportunity, and as soon as a particular shoppers guard was fully down Lemon pounced, lighter in hand. A great day for Lemon, but a sad day for yet another of Lemon’s victims.

Cyanotype Portfolio Update

Progress is being made! The above finished print is part of my first portfolio of physically backed works using the cyanotype printing process. The photographs are taken using a digital camera, I then create a digital negative using an inkjet printer, and finally I contact print that negative using ultraviolet light on a piece ofContinue reading “Cyanotype Portfolio Update”

32-Blocks, final mint…for now

Minted and dropped the last of my 32-Blocks project (for the time being). These are a fun concept for me, and it’s been real interesting reading people’s strong opinions about pixel art NFTs while I was doing this (general conversations on Discord, not anything directed at me, personally). Pixel art was not my intent, ratherContinue reading “32-Blocks, final mint…for now”