Walkabouts in Blue

A physically-backed NFT portfolio of Cyanotype prints

Project Statement: I walkabout with my camera in tow, typically off the beaten path, and frequently during the early hours of the day. My eye is attracted to the often overlooked and neglected, the scenes that many people look right through or just avoid looking at altogether. When the light and the scene combine to express a story I connect with, I capture it, and quickly move on. Many of my subjects may be considered unkempt, littered, or vandalized, but there is a beauty and poetry to these scenes that is fascinating to me. This project will be dropped in groups of 10 as portfolios are completed and printed.

Process Statement: The photographs in this portfolio were captured digitally and printed with the cyanotype process using digital inkjet negatives. I enjoy bridging history with technology, so being able to do a series of cyanotype prints from the 19th century, that uses digital image capture technology that first emerged in the 20th century, and is being minted and sold on a network that is a new technology in the 21st century was just too appealing for me not to create. All of the photographic work is unique and was created by me over the past few months. I also hand mixed the chemistry, coated the paper, produced the digital negatives, and exposed and processed all prints myself. The images are printed on 9×12” Stonehenge Aqua, 140 lb, printed image area is approximately 6×9”. Each print is a unique one of a kind object due to the nature of hand-coating emulsion using the method I employ (brush-defined edges).

Equivalents in Blue: A Fractional-Physically-Backed Series

At the launch of the Walkabouts in Blue project I also created cyanotype versions of two of my original mints when Art Block originally launched. These hand-printed versions of the original digital artworks were minted in an edition of 9. If one owner collects all 9 editions they may claim the original print.

How to Request the Physical Print

If you are interested in acquiring the physical print of one or more of the NFTs from this project please email me, contact me through DM on Twitter or Discord, or send a 0-Algo transaction with a note to the creator address. The shipping is included, and I will insure the artwork for the last registered sale price (just in case). You will need to provide some type of name and an address that can accept a package, I will not save any of that info after the shipment is final. There is no intended expiration date for this offer, but redemption can not be guaranteed after February 2025. Once an owner requests the physical print, the NFT ARC69 will be updated to reflect the print has been redeemed.