32-Blocks, final mint…for now

32-Blocks #3 | Asset ID: 300594128

Minted and dropped the last of my 32-Blocks project (for the time being). These are a fun concept for me, and it’s been real interesting reading people’s strong opinions about pixel art NFTs while I was doing this (general conversations on Discord, not anything directed at me, personally). Pixel art was not my intent, rather to call into question the whole idea of how many pixels a digital artwork needs to be ‘valuable’ as an NFT. Since everything we do in the digital space is pixel-based it all comes down to how tightly we pack those pixels into a small space, do my landscapes have less value as art because I decided to simplify the pixel algorithm and force you to back away from the image or make it smaller for it to be ‘fully resolved’?

Published by Art Block

I am an NFT artist making work exclusively on the Algo blockchain network. All of my artwork uses photography at its base, some also has compositing, digital illustration, and time-based manipulation. All content was created by me for the work it is used in.

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